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  1. With its Mediterranean diet inscribed as intangible UNESCO heritage, visitors are drawn by the simple, natural and fresh products, which go into recipes handed down by grandmothers over centuries, and honey has been very much a part of that diet for millennia. The original name of the magical island of Mljet, for example, is derived […]
  2. It was quite a party, and an insight into one of the most traditional parts of Croatia, where each Slavonian village has its own proud traditions and attire, which come out at every occasion when there is a celebration to be had. Known as one of the most hospitable places in Europe, Slavonian traditional dress […]
  3. Croatia has a very diverse landscape, from its fabled coast, rugged mountain terrain and flat, open Slavonian plains. Each area paints the natural beauty of the country in a different light, and you can explore them on horseback. If you are looking for a true off-the-beaten-path adventure, you have come to the right place. The […]
  4. Kuna, the national currency, has its roots in hide trade, when marten pelts were used as a form of payment, and markets were traditionally surrounded by linden or lime trees, which is how the subunit lipa got its name. This relationship between money and nature continues in other forms, with Velebit’s most famous flower, the […]
  5. The art of dry stone walling, know-how and techniques in Croatia were globally recognised in November 2018, when this form of art was added to the Representative List of Intangible UNESCO Cultural Heritage of Humanity.   What may look like a simple task of putting stones together is anything but, and the art of creating […]
  6. Croatia is home to unforgettable magical experiences year-round. You thought Croatia was all about sunshine and beaches (there is plenty of that) but join us on a tour of one of the most magical times of the year – Advent in Croatia!   Christmas Food so Tasty That Santa Will Forget to Deliver Your Gifts […]
  7. Football truly has come home. They may have lost the World Cup Final, but Croatia’s footballers won the hearts of millions. Their success was no surprise to those in the know, for the first evidence of world football came from Sinj back in Roman times, and a statue of the first ever modern football can […]
  8. Is fjaka another name for laziness? As we have already said, many will confuse fjaka with laziness. At first and second glance, there is a thin line between laziness and fjaka. But at a closer, third or fourth, glance, you will see that it is not the same. Better connaisseurs of the fjaka phenomenon will […]
  9. Blue Grotto, Lubenice One of the best places for a selfie is definitely the Blue Grotto on the island of Cres, if you can reach it. Although there is a traditional, very narrow and somewhat hidden entrance through which you can pass by swimming or kayaking, you can also enter the cave by diving some […]
  10. All Roads Lead to Veliki Brijun The legend says that the Brijuni were created from the remains of paradise. Once you step onto this beautiful archipelago and take a look around, it will be clear to you how this legend came about. There is another legend, one that is shared amongst the cyclists who come […]